Did you experience high Air Conditioning costs last summer?  

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Save up to 30% on your Air Conditioning costs

It’s a great time to upgrade your Air-conditioning systems!

Proven savings of 20-30% which local utilities have qualified and are still providing 50% rebates.  Did you run your air conditioner more often last summer​, and were you surprised when you opened your bill?  Air conditioning can account for up to 50% of your power consumption ​and your summer energy cost​s ​during a heat wave.

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We also offer financing and can structure payments to match your new energy savings

Air conditioning is one of the largest energy consumers and thousands of operating air conditioners put immense demands on the power grid. On a smaller scale, air conditioning probably accounts for a significant part of your energy bill. Many existing air conditioners use old and quite inefficient technology. Although improved technology has become available in more expensive systems (e.g. inverter technology), the payback time of these systems is still very long. Instead of investing a lot of money into an expensive new system, there is an easy and affordable way to improve the energy efficiency of your unit – Upgrade it with an AIRCOSAVER™!

The Aircosaver™ constantly monitors the cooling status of your Air Conditioner and adapts its settings since HVAC systems are designed to be over-sized for the hottest of days. The Aircosaver™ allows your system to cool more efficiently providing 20-30% electricity savings and still qualifies for a 50% rebate this year – a relatively inexpensive retrofit with well documented benefits.

Energizecorp™ takes care of filing the rebate applications and follow up, including the install costs, support and logistics to ensure the install does not interfere with your business operations.  Rebate checks are sent direct to your company by your utility within 30-60 days after proof of payment.

The Aircosaver™ has been installed since 2001 in Canada and we have a growing list of clients. Pilots in Canada were initially performed in Ontario with the OPA, Toronto Hydro, and some of their customers such as Staples Canada to verify reductions and qualify this technology for the Provincial incentives.  This followed with installations at Sunnybrook Hospital, City of Windsor, City of Markham, City of Burlington, TD Bank and many others have since followed.

How AircoSaver™ Works

When the cooling cycle starts, the compressor pushes cooling energy into the heat exchanger, which acts as an energy storage. At this stage, the system works with high efficiency because compressors operate most efficiently when fully loaded. In normal weather conditions, the energy storage is soon fully “charged up”. From this point onward, the compressor provides more cooling energy than the heat exchanged can take up (thermodynamic saturation). Running the compressor beyond this point does not increase the cooling effect. It simply wastes energy.

AircoSaver’s™ sensor-driven software algorithms are designed to detect thermodynamic saturation and to optimize the compressor accordingly. When overcapacity is detected, the unit switches the compressor off, and avoids inefficient over-cooling and excess costs to your energy bill.

Since the correct set point to switch the compressor on/off varies from unit to unit, and changes with different weather conditions, the AircoSaver™ is constantly monitoring the cooling status and adapting its settings to ensure efficient operation at all times.

The set point may be reached slightly slower without the wasteful over-cooling.  However, overshoot of the set temperature is reduced as well. Cooling cycles become more gradual which is often considered very beneficial in terms of cooling comfort.

The AircoSaver™ provides additional short cycling protection and in addition anti freeze-over protection as well as minor savings in heating costs for some HVAC systems.  The AIRCOSAVER™ also adds a delay upon power-on to your unit. This valuable feature protects your aircon unit against damages from short power outages.

Product features

  • Non-flammable, shock-proof polycarbonate housing
  • Compliant with UL and CE regulations
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany using the highest quality standards.
Not suitable for – Inverter systems (they already have this kind of intelligence) – Multisplits – Chilled water systems – Evaporative aircon systems

The AIRCOSAVER™ can not compensate for deficiencies in the original system. For example, if your aircon system is poorly serviced and does not cool properly in the first place, then the AIRCOSAVER™ will not change this.

Secondly, if an aircon unit is clearly undersized for a given application (too small for the heat load) and the compressor runs for very long periods but the thermostat set temperature is never achieved, then the AIRCOSAVER™ will not remedy this, either.

Start today and have us fast track your rebate application!

  • List the address of each location with their corresponding hydro account numbers and business HST #
  • Approximate square footage of each location and approximate year the building was built
  • Contact information for your HVAC servicing company to provide us with the brand and tonnage of each HVAC unit for each of your locations unless you have this information on file.