In Ontario, the Global Adjustment more often than not has been the highest overall cost on your electricity bill.   No hedging program can restrict the GA monthly volatility as it moves inversely with monthly electricity rate changes.  However the GA is based on your monthly electricity consumption, so by lowering your overall energy use you can have a huge impact on your yearly costs!

Electricity and Natural Gas Contracts are similar to buying insurance, a fixed rate will hedge you against unforeseen environmental or political events which can cause significant rate fluctuations.  For larger volume businesses, this price certainty ensures rate swings will not affect your profitability by increasing your overhead.  We can provide a business with short or long term options, variable or fixed rates for both electricity and natural gas.  Even our variable rates can offer unique savings from utility rates for the right size customer in the right environment, use Energizecorp to inform you how these products can work well for your business cycles.  For electricity, there are further options with Blocks 24/7 or just during the peak hours when rates are most volatile.

Why Hedging Rates is Important

A hedging program works extremely well in an environment where electricity is not oversupplied and electricity rates continue to climb higher.  In these environments, capping your peak rates or overall rate will allow you a double win on your energy bill!  Both holding electricity rates from moving higher while at the same time the Global Adjustment is inversely dropping lower.  Without this hedge any lowering of the Global Adjustment will be offset by the inverse rise of your electricity rates.  And since rate behavior is largely unpredictable, you need to have a hedge in place to take advantage of these monthly changes.

Hedging is simply good risk management and especially important for companies with larger energy use at stake, a tool more large volume business now use for rate stability.   When used as a budgeting tool, a proper hedge provides peace of mind and stabilizes your profits with predictability.

Energizecorp™acts as your energy broker and advisor without monthly fees, we earn your business across a long-term association with the wide and varied amount of offerings we provide for energy savings.  This allows us the freedom to provide frank hedging advice to benefit you and only when the timing is right for your business.  We monitor energy market trends and contact you when the right product has a low entry point to ensure you don’t miss lower rates on their way up.  We remain your partner whether in or off a hedging program, providing you with updated information to keep abreast of market changes.

Energy Rate Hedging VS Energy Cost Reduction

Recently a large volume businesses was discussing this question – whether to hedge energy rates or investigate the numerous retrofit programs to reduce energy costs and receive the bonus incentives.  Hedging can be done quickly and rebate applications take a little longer to process however the answer soon became obvious, why not do both.  It is important to maintain your competitive edge and keep your costs under control. However today, every company should make a strong effort to become an environmental leader when it comes to innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption, your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

The subject of energy savings for many businesses often takes a back seat to decisions on expenditures that always seem more pressing to drive company growth.  Much of that decision is based on time allotment, which is time that never seems to free up to research the energy saving products and companies and reach a decision to act on.  Yet almost every business can recite examples of rising energy costs that affect their business which are constantly making headlines, and they have good intentions to eventually do something about it.

Let us make it easy for you!  Take the first step to provide your contact details and we will walk you through some easy to begin with options.

You can look at short term options to test the waters, or undertake projects in phases to fit with your timing and comfort levels.  We watch the market signals and will inform you of the right timing to hedge, in the meantime lets begin to reduce your energy, year over year starting with your utility bill analysis and walk-through audit.

Natural Gas

From M3 to GJ, we help you get to the bottom of your total gas price with delivery costs and will monitor and advise you when the right time arrives for the lowest rates.   Each term has it’s merits but making a decision can often be difficult especially the more you have at stake.  We arFrom M3 to GJ, we help you get to the bottom of your total gas price with delivery costs and will monitor and advise you when the right time arrives for the lowest rates.   Each term has it’s merits but making a decision can often be difficult especially the more you have at stake.  We e good at striping away the excess and putting simpler options forward that fit into your comfort zone.We offer fixed natural gas rates from 1-5 years and also a new variable product that is proving to be very valuable to start on with very low risk.  Energizecorp™ will monitor fixed rates and notify you of a low entry point where when at your decision,  your business can quickly be moved onto a term of your choice at any time.


Is your energy bill too high or too confusing to understand?
Do you use a large amount of power spread over many meters?
Do you have times of the day or year when you are in peak or high production levels and energy price fluctuations can radically impact your overhead?
Could you use price stability for budgeting of this variable energy expense?
Are you renewing your lease, moving, selling, or close to retirement?

Let us analyse your energy use with close scrutiny, provide you with some added insight and in the least some added peace of mind.  We work with all sizes of businesses from small to mid sized; large commercial, industrial and National accounts.   Take a moment to contact us today and learn about some excellent options to help improve your bottom line.  From a monthly risk free Index to a specific Block of power, with short or long term hedging, we help you to find the right fit.  Options range from a fixed rate for 100% of your power down to 20%, seasonal or year round, and any term from yearly to 5 years.  Many of our customers now look at only hedging 1/3rd of their power during peak hours Monday to Friday from 7 am to 11 pm.  This provides protection from spikes in rates during peak demand while blending down the actual rate with lower off peak rates.  This provides minimal risk to the business without over hedging, offering the best of both worlds.

Whether you are on Time of Use rates, Spot rates or an Interval Meter, Energizecorp™ will help you assess your bill and provide you with rates and product options.  We’ll determine your total kWh for electricity or M3 for Natural Gas and if applicable help clarify details about existing contract end dates and effectiveness.  You can also email your hydro and natural gas bills to for a fast quote response the next business day.  Please include the best time and number to reach you at.

Isn’t it time your company took on energy savings as a project?  Take the initiative and contact Energizecorp™ today!

For many businesses and especially when dealing with multiple locations, this often can seem too onerous a task to just gather the information from a variety of offices requiring you to divert attention from other projects.  We will help follow up with each office and put together a business case that allows you to determine what makes the most business sense to begin with for your company.

Is this a good time to look at an energy contract? What rates are available and which direction are they heading?  When storage reports and historical rate information are known, it becomes much easier to reach a decision.

You can take on just one project or location to start, we provide oversight for you along the way – year after year and allow you to streamline the many choices to reach the best decision for your company.  You will be updated with the latest technologies and reputable installation companies to provide solutions that make sense and will save more than just cents!

Let us help you consider your options and on track with the right seasonal timing and terms that keep the best interest of your business the priority. Whether you are on Time of Use rates, Spot rates or an Interval Meter, Energizecorp™ will help you assess your bill and provide you with rates and product options.



We provide you with a walk through audit to upgrade existing lighting, direct from the manufacturer, DLC rated with full replacement warranty, rebates & installation.


Energy Saving cooling improvements for commercial businesses across a variety of industries; from lubricants, motors & fans to misting, humidity control & compressed air systems and much more.


Aircosaver, HVAC system replacements, Solar Projects, Misting & water saving systems plus a growing list of the latest innovative energy saving retrofits with rebates.


Risk management strategies & budgeting through energy rate hedging. Contact us for rate quotes or to help assess or transfer from your current program.