Installs quickly in T-bar ceiling grids or pendant offering a good solution to retrofit fluorescent tubes with Indirect LED lighting.  Side reflectors provide a wider range to illuminate your space with high lumen output.  Exceeds 50,000 hour life.  High efficiency driver.  UL/CUL and DLC certified.  Saves 60% energy vs traditional lighting!


Replaces metal halide lamps & linear fluorescent HBs.  High efficiency & high vertical intensity of illumination, excellent color rendering, even light distribution, high lumen output for large spaces, low glare, long life, dimming & improved uniformity, instant on, no buzzing, suitable for damp or cold storage, easy maintenance free installation, saves 60% energy consumption vs traditional lighting.

HIGH BAYS 100W-150W-200W

Excellent lighting solution for high ceiling conditions and replacement of conventional metal halide fixtures.  High lumen output ideal for large, open spaces and damp locations including cold storage.  No buzzing instant on, even light distribution, high vertical intensity of illumination, maintenance free and saves 60% energy vs traditional lighting!


Choose sizes 2’x2′ / 2’x4′ / 1’x4′ Flat panels UL and DLC certified, High efficiency driver, high lumins, 100-270 V, more than 50,000 hours, great for commercial and retail spaces providing consistent, evenly distributed light and replace traditional ceiling troffers with outstanding optical design.  Maintenance free, easy installation saves 60% vs traditional lighting!

DOWN LIGHTS 10W-15W; 20W-50W-90W

Many style variations available with or without baffles. High lumen output ideal for illuminating large indoor spaces with consistent, evenly distributed light coverage.  Replace CFL or HID pot and down lights.  High efficiency driver, 100-277V, UL/CUL certified.  3000K-4000K-5000K 4″-6″-8″

LED SHOEBOX LIGHTS 60W-100W-150W-200W-300W

Outdoor with photocell and pole mounting arms 120 V – 480 V DLC Approved, White or Dark Bronze Finishes, 4.5-6 kgs, High efficiency LED driver widely used in Urban roads, Industrial and Residential areas, Sidewalks, Parking lots etc.


Dark bronze, 3.5 kg, 14″W x 7.8″H, DLC approved, can be widely used indoor or outdoors, wet locations, high luminous efficiency and long working life, high efficiency LED driver 100-277 V, wide range of color temperature from 3000K-4000K-4000K-6500k, photocell control.


Black or white body, replace any high output track head up to 150W, extremely affordable and saves 60% energy vs traditional lighting.  Many applications, maintenance free easy installation, even light distribution with multiple beam angles, suitable for damp locations, 5 year warranty.

Wall Pack – Full Cutoff  45W / 70W LED

Excellent light optics, evenness and sealed design.  DLC Approved providing tremendous saving to replace existing high wattage Wall Packs over doors with concentrated light spread, indoor or outdoors including wet locations.  Available in Bronze or White Finish with a 5 year warranty, photocell control.

Wall Pack – Half Cutoff  45W/70W/100W/150W LED

Dark Sky Compliant DLC, UL, CE certified, 100-277 V, long life 5 year warranty, indoor/outdoor and wet location durability, High efficiency LED Driver, photocell control, Dark bronze Color.

Solar Powered LED Light 20 W 1300x325x43 MM 2200 Lumens

The solar top panel converts daytime sunlight into electricity and stores it in a lithium battery, then a light sensor turns it on automatically at night.  Easy to convert your existing lights with mounting arm and support bracket.

Solar Powered LED Light 40 W 1300x325x43 MM 4400 Lumens

Automatic pedestrian sensor extends the full charge life time.  Install 4-6 meters to achieve 10 – 20 meter light spread.  Mount on an iron or steel pole at least 2 mm thick and 50-90 mm diameter and start saving electricity costs!

Businesses can expect unprecedented savings in their electricity costs for lighting – up to 75% savings when switching out old style bulbs!  The high overall costs of electricity and maintenance far outweigh the initial costs or replacement bulbs, which are still being subsidized with incentives that reduce your ROI.

The cost reductions in LED lighting and increased efficiency have now reached a point where it justifies changing out all your less efficient older style bulbs, most bulbs now come in matching looks and color options.  Many businesses have changed out some of their bulbs, but we typically find much more could and should be done.

There are numerous benefits to LED lighting, which stands for Light Emitting Diodes.  The most notable are that they last much longer; most now can be dimmed and come with warranties of 50,000 hours or more and may even last twice as long as that!  LED’s have lower maintenance costs and can endure vibrations better since they are solid state without filaments.

Today, there is a large selection of LED bulbs and fixtures that can enhance your visual presence especially with some creative design and installation. LEDs typically last four to nine times longer than other lighting sources, so you won’t have to change them as often lowering maintenance costs. That is gained productivity which adds up, especially in outdoor or high-bay areas where cranes or lifts are required to reach the fixtures.  How many bulbs do you have right now that have been out for months which you never get around to replacing?

Let’s talk about better options for replacement that qualify for rebates!

Unlike CFL’s, LED’s are not made of hazardous materials like mercury, which is a toxic substance.  It still surprises us to find these older toxic bulbs in hospitals and schools!  LED’s produce no UV light which will deteriorate products over time and can make plastic brittle and turn a yellowish tinge.

LED’s are great to use in cold environments and are especially valuable in refrigerators since they greatly reduce any counterproductive heat from the bulb when it is on.

LED lights can also be directed; we have some bulbs that can manually pivot to highlight your area best – their light beams can also be focused to provide flood lighting or more laser-like focused lighting.

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