We’ll provide a walk-through audit to determine what areas we can help reduce your energy costs.  Retrofitting or replacing equipment will be weighed against the costs after applicable rebates.  We strive to achieve greater efficiency for you in all significant areas, some of which are:

EC (electronically commutated) motors are a dramatic improvement over the older shaded pole motors commonly used in refrigeration systems. They are actually DC motors with an electronic commutation control to make them turn, and are brushless which reduces friction and wear.

The key point to know is that by reducing the amperage from 2 amps to .4 amps this saves 80% of the energy used by the shaded pole motors they replace. They also eliminate the added heat from the old motors that would end up in the refrigerated space, operating more efficiently overall. This reduction in fan motor heat also causes a significant reduction in refrigeration system operation, saving enough energy at the compressor to almost double the savings provided by the EC motors alone.


Energizecorp™ will recommend a number of energy saving devices for your cooling systems.  One such device fits over the thermostat probe on a refrigerator or freezer and will reduce your refrigeration energy costs by up to 22% and often more.  Similar reductions are realized with the addition of compressor lubricants for higher combined savings. By installing a device that mimics the properties of refrigerated food and beverages rather than responding to rapidly fluctuating refrigerated air temperature, the refrigeration system now responds to food temperature instead. This more accurate and stable temperature causes the compressor to run fewer, and much longer cycles. These longer cycles allow refrigerated food to cool for a longer period of time with a wider ‘cooled air’ effect, in essence this creates a far more efficient cooling system. Since the compressor is cycling less (often up to 80% less) the life of the compressor is extended, it is also operating more efficiently and less energy is used.

Refrigeration/Freezer Compressor Lubricants and HVAC Lubricants reduce friction, heat and service calls since they extend the life and increase the efficiency of these units!


Surprisingly for manufacturers and other large commercial facilities their compressed air systems are large sources of wasted energy, often 30% – 50% or more is lost to leakage and declining efficiency.

Air compressors require a lubricant to cool, seal or lubricate internal components, in almost all compressors. Proper lubrication prevents repairs that often require downtime and help air compressors run cooler with lower electricity costs. Reduced friction equates to reduced heat and reduced overall energy consumption. For most manufacturing plants this represents the majority of their daily power use, so reducing energy costs through better lubricant practices should be top on your priority list!  We’ll introduce a cost cutting lubricant additive that will rejuvenate your aging compressor.  And we’ll bring in a specialist familiar with your type of compressor and industry to recommend a series of upgrades or repairs while working around your scheduling and peak processing cycles.


The problem with refrigeration is that it removes moisture from products which leads to shorter life.  With added humidity, there is a 50% reduction in the loss of weight to these items providing enormous savings to the client since loss of weight translates to loss of revenue.


The preparation and storage of cut flowers can best be performed in conditions in which shrink and waste are minimized. Of equal importance to that of temperature and ethylene gas control, proper humidity also plays a key role in the preservation of cut flowers for the market.

Humidity levels of 90% or more should be maintained in order to provide optimum storage conditions. Proper storage conditions increase the integrity of the product being delivered, resulting in reduced losses and increased profits for the florist.


Storing fruits and vegetables properly involves not just controlling temperature and humidity, but also the reduction of airborne pathogens and ethylene levels.  By introducing units that can remove Ethylene and Airborne Bacteria we further extend the shelf life and prevent mold and early spoilage from occurring. This is a simple, effective and virtually maintenance free upgrade to your coolers requiring low energy use to run this technology.


Preserving perishables from ethylene and airborne bacteria during transportation is a very important stage in providing quality perishables to the end consumer. When fruits, vegetables and flowers are harvested far away from the place that is the consumption destination, providing proper transportation conditions brings both a better value for the consumer, and higher profits for the merchant.  Ethylene and bacteria control equipment qualities are: cost effectiveness, low maintenance, user friendly, odor removal.  Transport features are small size, freedom from an external power source, and ease of installation and replacement.

A special solution was developed for preserving perishables during transportation, which makes this process very easy and effective.  It kills odor and decay causing airborne bacteria and molds and prevents premature ripening and discoloration.


Misting systems have become the standard in Supermarkets around the world, because they work!

Without proper moisture vegetables, will show noticeable signs of wilting and shrinkage in just a matter of hours. Once they lose their visual appeal, you quickly end up throwing them away, as well as your profit

A fresh-looking vegetable aisle can have a real impact on how your customers perceive your entire store.


Now we have taken the same technology up to your rooftop to cool your condensers down!

Rooftop Misters are a cost-effective way to improve the performance of air-cooled air conditioning and refrigeration systems increasing peak cooling capacity while reducing peak demand and energy usage.  It accomplishes this by directing a fine water mist into the incoming condenser air stream. That lowers the temperature of the condenser air, increasing cooling capacity and decreasing electricity demand and extending compressor life.

Best of all it is affordable, provides water savings from other methods and is simple to install.

Winery humidification

Maintaining the correct relative humidity (RH) levels is fast becoming the standard for wineries. It allows modern wineries the opportunity to provide its customers with a consistently high quality wine.

The appropriate level of RH is allowing winery owners to reduce unnecessary losses from evaporation, effectively control ethanol content of wine and dramatically reduce the quantity needed during the “Topping Off” process in wine barrel storage.  Proper relative humidity for wine cellars helps the cork remain moist and air-proof, which results in better wine quality.

Energizecorp™  offers equipment designed for bacteria control, removing up to 99.9% of airborne bacteria, effectively preventing cross contamination.

Humidification Solutions for Mushroom Growing Rooms

Mushrooms are one of the most difficult crops to grow successfully. To achieve a high yield of quality mushrooms, you must ensure that certain environmental conditions are met. Maintaining proper relative humidity levels is especially important.  Depending on the various growing stages, and the actual type of mushroom, optimal relative humidity levels of up to 95% may be required.  If relative humidity levels drop too much, mushrooms can quickly lose their shape and quality, resulting in decreased commercial value. Actual yields could also be significantly lowered.

Energizecorp™ has a range of solutions for mushroom growers. Our equipment is easy to install, low maintenance, and energy efficient.

Green house humidification

The equipment used for room humidification can also be used in greenhouses to maintain humidity levels. Another common use of our humidification equipment is to moderate temperatures on very hot days.

Heat shock can destroy crops in a greenhouse environment, evaporative cooling through high pressure mist nozzles, placed properly throughout the greenhouse can quickly return temperatures to a safe level. This solution ensures that valuable crops are secure during periods of extreme high temperatures.

Night Blinds

When grocery stores close at night refrigeration cases are still working, leaving them open to release cold air costs money and wastes energy.  Night blinds are made of unique woven aluminum fabric, with patented anti-bacterial coating, offering superior performance, while at the same time resisting bacteria.  Night blinds have shown energy savings from 8% to over 40%.

Much has gone into the design including; optional magnets for easy installation, and speed reducers that prevent damage from blinds being retracted in a careless manner.


We provide you with a walk through audit to upgrade existing lighting, direct from the manufacturer, DLC rated with full replacement warranty, rebates & installation.


Energy Saving cooling improvements for commercial businesses across a variety of industries; from lubricants, motors & fans to misting, humidity control & compressed air systems and much more.


Aircosaver, HVAC system replacements, Solar Projects, Misting & water saving systems plus a growing list of the latest innovative energy saving retrofits with rebates.


Risk management strategies & budgeting through energy rate hedging. Contact us for rate quotes or to help assess with, or transfer from your current program.